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Credoscore Moral Ranking - Guest: Cameron Powell

Our guest Cameron Powell the founder of Credoscore™ discusses the digital social reality platform that will let ordinary people wield *trillions* in consumer spending power, and leverage the value of their labor, to vote, buy, invest, partner, and work according to their own values. People’s aggregated power will also influence corporations’ policies, their campaign contributions, and the laws we get in ways that serve the many more than the few. Americans alone channel $15 trillion a year in consumer spending. Combining such market power with transparency and accountability can, at scale, change the world. In this Podcast we answer such questions about Credoscore such as: Does a company making the product or providing the services line up with my values? Does the product or service line up with my values? How close are they to my values? How does Credoscore help answer these questions?

Website Feedback App - Guest: Razvan Statescu

Digital product development is critical for businesses trying to start or grow their on-line presence, and developers are looking for and using different tools to help them develop better digital products more efficiently and with higher quality. In this month’s podcast, we talk with Razvan Statescu, CoFounder and CTO of Brunch, a website feedback app that copywriters, digital marketers and website developers can use to increase quality by facilitating and simplifying internal feedback workflows.

New Google Apps and Cybersecurity

We explore the newest update of Google Apps, how it has expanded its user base and who is Google going after. Do you know about the new features, access or languages? We also discuss Cyber Security, the latest hacks, malware ransom attacks and this poses a question; How secure is your digital business? Cyber Security and Confidentiality are a real concern to every company these days and we discuss the different levels of Cyber Security and how businesses are protecting themselves.

Remote Work - Lessons Learned

Remote work has gotten a lot of attention in the last 1.5 years obviously, so now we are able to see some long-term results. What is the next thing for the workforce? Do people really want to go back to the office? How are big companies with open office policies changing their work environments?

Computer Chip Shortage, Apple AirTags, & Gaming

A discussion of the causes and effects of the computer chip shortage during the pandemic across the world. What’s the hype around the latest Apple product, AirTags? A quick look at what games our co-host is playing at the moment and why.

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